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When and how will I be billed?

Each month on the 18th is the billing date for your account. You will be charged based on the number of NEW projects on your account for that month.  Any new virtual tours will be included in that billing as well.

Can I use my own web address for the admin and client portals, as well as the listing address?

Yes. This requires that we purchase a yearly SSL certificate for your domain.  The fee is $125/year.  Just let us know when you want to proceed and we will send you instructions for creating these subdomains on your site and pointing them to your account.

What merchant bank systems do you support for your shopping cart?

We currently support Elavon and Stripe to collect credit card payments.  You can use either system.  Once an account is created with them, place your unique ID’s or keys into the billing configuration section.

See our ‘Billing & Merchant Options’ video

Can I use unique URL’s for property websites?

Yes. Just purchase a domain name from your registrar of choice.  We supply instructions for pointing the URL that you have secured for each project.


See the ‘Creating Unique URL for Property Websites’ video

Creating Unique URL links PDF

Is there a minimum time commitment for this subscription?

No. In fact we will even adjust your monthly fee based on your usage.

See Pricing

May I put my account on hold without losing information?
Yes. A Photographer may suspend their account for a period of up to 3 months. On the 90th day, or prior, the account must be re-activated by sending an email to info@gofullframe.com. During this 3 months SUSPENDED period, access to the Admin and Client Center will be unavailable. Property Websites and Streaming Media for ACTIVE and COMPLETED projects within the account will remain online during the 3 month suspension period. However, information may not be changed on a project during this time period. If a photographer, or their client, wishes to change listing information on a project, the account must be re-activated. When an account is re-activated, the minimum monthly package amount will be charged to the credit/debit card on file. After 30 days, the account will be re-accessed. If the amount of new projects exceeds the maximum allowance included in the smallest package, an adjustment will be made, based on that month’s activity.

There are no penalties or fees to suspend an account or re-activate it. If a suspended account is not re-activated within the 3 months period, the account will be permanently DELETED. All media will be removed from the account and will no longer be retrievable. If an account is DELETED, a photographer must create a new account if they wish to use the Full Frame system.

Can I add my own terms and conditions?

Yes. We provide an upload link of a PDF. We also require that the terms and conditions be approved (check box) prior to completion of an order.

Can I have my own custom Print Flyer?

Yes. However, there would be a set-up fee for our development team to create a unique flyer.

Can I embed YouTube videos on the property website?

Yes. You can use embed ID’s for Vimeo or Youtube on your property websites.

See ‘Uploading & Managing Videos’

Is there a limit to the number of photos that I can add to a property website?

No.  Upload as many as you like.  Please keep in mind that there is a limit to the size of your storage space.  So we suggest keeping your photos to a reasonable size for your client’s and your experience.

See ‘Uploaded & Managing Photos’

Do I need to upload separate size photos for MLS?

No. We resize your original photos to 1024 pixels wide for the MLS downloads

Can I set my own pricing?

Yes. You have control over both the Package information and price.

Learn About Pricing Groups

Can I choose different pricing strategies?

Yes. We have a system where you can chose one of 3 pricing strategies for each of the 3 packages offered. They include Square footage, list price and number of photos.

Do you support Matterport tours?

Yes. You can embed a Matterport interactive tours into our property websites.  You will find the embed option in the “videos” tab on the admin side.

Do you support iGuide interactive tours?

Yes. You can embed a iGuide interactive tours into our property websites.  You will find the embed option in the “videos” tab on the admin side.

Is there more then one website template?

Yes.  the selection switch is on the client’s project dashboard.

How do I set-up fee based optional services?

We have a system where you can create option service categories and individual services. You can include pricing and additional information for each of these line items.

What happens when I archive a project?

When you change the status of a project to “archive”, it redirects the property website clicks to the agent’s website.  If the agent does not have a website, it will redirect to the Full Frame account holder’s site.

Can I have clients pay by credit card?

Yes. The final step in the ordering process is a credit card transaction that includes all of the details of the order. You can also allow clients to complete the order without requiring them to pay by credit card. This is a setting in their client profile from the admin side.

Is there a password recovery link for my clients who always forget?

Yes. As per best practices policy, this is a password reset link

Can my clients hide and sort their photos?

Yes. We have a very user-friendly system for this.

Can you create a virtual tour for me? That would be very handy.

Yes. We can produce virtual tours based on the photos you upload. You will find the order form tab on the admin portal only.  Not the client portal. There is an extra charge for each video tour.

What size photos should I upload to Full Frame?

Great question.  If you upload too high a resolution, you and your clients will be frustrated by the speeds.  We recommend 300 dpi at 2880 pixels on the long end.  This will be fine for virtually all print jobs, accept for billboards.

What if I don’t include a tour for a project?

If you don’t add an embed code for the video player or order one from us, the “video” link on the property website will not show up.

Are the property websites viewable on mobile devices?

Yes. All of our browser based products are fully responsive and display beautifully on any device.

Are the admin and client portals accessible on mobile devices?

Yes. All of our products are designed to function perfectly on any device – no matter how big or small.

If I want to use Vimeo, do I need my own account

Yes. This is for security purposes. All you need to do is add the vimeo ID to get the stream into the property website.

Can I process a refund through the admin center?

No.  You can adjust the project balance, but all refunds must be processed through your merchant bank gateway.

What is the best naming convention for my files?
  • Try not to make file names too long, since long file names do not work well with all types of software.
  • Do Not Use Special characters such as ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) ` ; < > ? , [ ] { } ‘ ” and |
  • When using a sequential numbering system, using leading zeros for clarity and to make sure files sort in sequential order. For example, use “001, 002, …010, 011 … 100, 101, etc.” instead of “1, 2, …10, 11 … 100, 101, etc.”
  • Do not use spaces. Some software will not recognize file names with spaces, and file names with spaces must be enclosed in quotes when using the command line.
  • Other options you may use include:
    *Underscores, e.g. file_name.xxx
    *Dashes, e.g. file-name.xxx
    *Camel case, where the first letter of each section of text is capitalized, e.g. FileName.xxx
Can I delete a Project, I only see other status options, like pending and suspended, etc...?

Yes.  From the project summary or search results pages, you can select the checkbox on the left side of the project.  Then select “deleted” from the “Mark As” drop down selector.

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